Chojo – CryptoGirls Arena

Chojo – CryptoGirls Arena, the MMA-inspired RPG game ‘Anime Fighting Girls’ combines the fun and excitement of anime with the cryptocurrency world. The game uses Ethereum and the MetaMask wallet, which allows players to use their own digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. To begin playing, you can download the game from the App Store or Google Play. To learn more about the game, read on.

Anime Fighting Girls

Anime Fighting Games are growing in popularity and with the recent launch of CryptoGirlsArena, fans can get into the MMA style action as well as bishojo genre games. The game is free and open-source, and players can train up to 64 fighters in this RPG-style MMA game. This MMA game uses one-on-one battling with different skills. Players can switch between fighters at any time during the match.

The game features a variety of fighters and a number of different fighting styles, including the unique ARAWARE skill. There are three different types of fighters: Strike, Grapple, and Throw. Each type has advantages and disadvantages. Fighters can combine all three to dominate opponents. The Araware skill is one of the most powerful in the game, and has a unique fighting style.

Chojo - CryptoGirls Arena

MMA-inspired RPG game

CryptoGirlsArena is an MMA-inspired RPG game built on the Ethereum blockchain. It features 64 fighters and an open-source infrastructure that lets players influence game development. The game’s one-on-one battling system allows players to switch fighters during matches. Players can choose from a range of skills and abilities for their fighters. A bonus feature of this game is the ability to trade fighters.

In MMA-inspired RPG games, players can upgrade fighters’ attributes to boost their skills. In CHOJO, each fighter has three Arts Skill. Players can swap fighters to unleash their special techniques. Players can use ARAWARE to increase their fighter’s ability or to alter the outcome of a battle. This skill can be used once per battle. Fighters’ icons are linked to their attribute statistics.


The Chojo -Crypto Girls Arena uses Ethereum as its platform. It was developed over a year ago, and is a mix of manga and turn-based RPG elements. The game’s quests are based on the Chojo manga series. The game currently only supports japanese, and offers auto-mode and manual input, as well as a fast-forward button.

The game is open source and features 64 fighters, and is developed on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows players to customize their characters and train them to accomplish their goals. The game is also open source, allowing users to help shape the game’s future by contributing code and influencing the development of the game. Players can choose any character from a wide selection of skills. The game also features a unique one-on-one battling system, where players can switch fighters anytime during a match.

Another game built on the Ethereum blockchain is Clash of Streamers. This action game is focused on teamwork and personal skills, and features monthly updates and attractive rewards. Unlike other e-sport games, CHOJO Crypto Girls Arena pits girl fighters against one another. Besides using Ethereum to power its game, players can also use it to play online and offline. Another game based on Ethereum is SecondLive, a three-dimensional virtual world that lets players import personalized avatars.

Chojo - CryptoGirls Arena
Chojo – CryptoGirls Arena

MetaMask wallet

If you are using the CHOJO – CryptoGirlsArena, you will need a cryptocurrency wallet. This is necessary because your assets are stored in the blockchain system. In the game, you can choose from the Arts and Fighters and train them to become stronger. The CHOJO CGA uses the official Seventage blockchain wallet, MetaMask. MetaMask is a web wallet that is compatible with most browsers.

Once you’ve created your MetaMask wallet, you can easily use it to transfer funds from your account to another one. You can do this by hovering over the account name and selecting Copy to clipboard. Then, you can use this private key to transfer your funds to other ethereum wallets. However, be aware that MetaMask is not the most reliable ethereum wallet.

Another benefit of MetaMask is its simplicity. MetaMask does not require an email address to access your account. All you have to do is remember a unique recovery phrase. You can use the app on any internet-connected device to store your funds, including mobile devices. The MetaMask app is compatible with both Chrome and Android. To get started, download the MetaMask app and follow the instructions to set it up.

You can also use MetaMask on a desktop computer. If you have an Android device, download the MetaMask app from the play store. After installing the app, you can import your MetaMask wallet onto it. You can do this by scanning a QR code with the desktop extension and then going to Settings. You should enter the secret recovery phrase and new password in the MetaMask app.


The game has been in development for about a year and combines aspects of manga and turn-based RPG games. You’ll fight other players and complete quests, which you can earn money for later. There are currently two different ways to play the game, either through the manual input or Auto-mode. You can also fast-forward the game, if you want to. This article will explain the gameplay of Chojo Crypto Girls Arena.

In the game, you train 64 fighters, each with a unique set of skills and attributes. You can switch fighters at any time during a fight. In the film, players follow the growth of the fighters. This blockchain RPG is designed using the technology used in the popular “My Crypto Heroes” game. In addition to allowing players to choose their favorite character, players can also switch between fighters at any point in a match. We continue to produce content for you. You can search through the Google search engine.

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