The Four Founders of Struck Capital Crypto

The Four Founders of Struck Capital Crypto, the four founders of the struck capital crypto exchange are Adam, Greg, Patrick and Michael. They have worked on the project for several years and have gained the trust of countless cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Listed below is a list of their contributions to the company. Read their stories and discover why they chose to start this venture. They will show you why cryptocurrency is the right choice for you. They will explain why this investment is so beneficial for you. They will also show you why they chose to work with Bitcoin as opposed to another currency.


If you’re looking for a multi-strategy hedge fund manager, you may have heard of Adam Struck, the co-founder of Struck Capital Crypto. Struck is an investor in crypto assets and is based in Los Angeles. In this article, he shares his philosophy for success. Read on to learn more. – What’s Adam’s Philosophy? How does he choose his investments? And how can you benefit from that?


Struck Capital Crypto is a multi-strategy hedge fund in Los Angeles that invests in cryptocurrency assets. Greg Hayes is a self-proclaimed crypto enthusiast, but what sets him apart from the pack is his passion for the technology. He has more than 1,380 LinkedIn followers and has made more than $700 million in transactions since he began investing in crypto. Here’s what you should know about him. Before we dive into the investment opportunities in crypto, we’ll take a closer look at why you should invest in this type of fund.

Struck Capital Crypto is an early-stage investment firm that partners with startups and founders to create network effects. Their latest investment, in the Valkyrie Protocol, was announced alongside the firm’s other investments. Struck Capital Crypto has previously worked with PEAK Technology Partners and Arbor Advisors, executing more than $700 million in technology transactions. The firm has not disclosed the location or staff members who work on the investments. The latest announcement from Struck Capital Crypto comes in the aftermath of the USS Connecticut’s deadly collision with a submarine.

The Four Founders of Struck Capital Crypto


Patrick McGuire is the Head of Platform at Struck Capital. Prior to joining Struck Capital, Patrick worked for several years as a strategy consultant, first with Monitor Deloitte and later with TrialSpark, a health-tech startup backed by Thrive and Sequoia Capital. Patrick holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and a B.A. from Harvard University. In addition to cryptocurrency, he is passionate about helping individuals and companies grow by establishing a blockchain-based infrastructure for financial transactions.


Known for investing in cryptocurrency assets, Struck Capital Crypto is led by Michael Rodriguez. Michael has extensive experience in business and finance, including having previously worked as a vice president at American Express. He has also founded four startups, including CrowdTwist and Xapo, and served as a Chief Technology Officer at a fourth. He has a degree in computer science and mathematics from New York University, and has been recognized with the Entrepreneur Tech Innovator Award.


Public Relations is an integral part of any business, and this is no different for Struck Capital Crypto. Lauren Dawson is the Public Relations Advisor of this crypto hedge fund, which is based in Los Angeles, California. Previously, she was part of the Moxie Communications Group, a firm that focused on consumer tech, fashion and lifestyle. Before joining Struck Capital, Lauren served as an editorial stylist for several world-class magazines, and co-founded her own fashion brand.

Adam’s co-founders

Adam Struck, one of the co-founders of Struck Capital, is a former Co-Founder of Long Island Brand Beverages, which was acquired by Cullen Investments and taken public on NASDAQ. Before Struck, Adam worked as an M&A / PE attorney at Kirkland & Ellis, the world’s largest law firm. He holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and a Law degree from Georgetown University. He has been recognized on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, and he serves on the board of Seed CX Ltd.

Before joining the crypto industry, Struck founded another consumer goods company with his brother. The two co-founded Long Island Iced Tea Corp. in 2011, and it later sold to Cullen Agricultural Holding Corp. The company went public on the Nasdaq and shifted its focus to bitcoin and other crypto investments. In the past, Adam Struck has invested in companies that are building a worldwide market for bitcoin.

The Four Founders of Struck Capital Crypto

Hashflow protocol

The Hashflow protocol is a decentralized exchange built for zero slippage and MEV-protected trades. It connects institutional market makers and traders through a novel request-for-quote (RFQ) model. Hashflow provides enhanced efficiency, security, and reliability for both users and businesses. Users and businesses will be able to interact and settle transactions with ease, while also enabling liquidity and DeFi.

The company has raised a $25 million Series A funding round led by GSR and Wintermute. The funds will be used to expand its team and launch structured products later this year. Other investors in the Series A round of funding include Jump Crypto, GSR, LedgerPrime, Electric Capital, and BTCC. The platform provides a decentralized exchange with low transaction fees, high liquidity, and no slippage.

The Friktion protocol allows traders to adjust execution timing in real time, leveraging market dynamics that favor volatility, resulting in higher risk-adjusted returns for users. The decentralization initiative Ribbon Finance took the first step towards this goal. It opened its bids to non-market makers. Despite all of these efforts, the demand-supply imbalance remains. Moreover, buyers cannot unwind their options pre-expiry, which creates a capital inefficiency.

Funding sources

Struck Capital Crypto is a multi-strategy hedge fund based in Los Angeles, California. The firm invests in digital assets including Bitcoin. Funding for the firm usually comes in rounds of five to six investors. Several of the firms that have funded Struck Capital Crypto include 8 Decimal Capital, ff Venture, Yes VC, Polychain, Kenetic, NEO Global Capital, and HashKey Capital.

Struck Capital is a multi-strategy digital currency fund that is based in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Its latest investment shows the fresh capital that has been injected into the crypto market. However, there are a number of risks associated with investing in this sector. Investors should consider all risks before investing. A successful investment can yield a high return. While there is no perfect formula to make money, this company has the right mix of talent and experience to make good returns. We continue to produce content for you. You can search through the Google search engine.

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